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Invasion revolves around the everlasting fight between humans and aliens, in a new kind of path based strategy game where you are the commander of the battlefield and the troops walk for themselves to the selected node. It’s a 1vs1 online multiplayer and you need to choose paths wisely to either sneak around or attack your enemy and also to capture the flags in the center of the map to gain valuable credits.

We wanted the map to be organic, yet basically symmetrical. To be able to balance the game, and still have an organic feel, we had to make sure that the opposite path on each side is exactly the same length.

The video shows a bot, simply a NavMeshAgent walking around the map to discover all paths and measuring them by adding up the lengths of each corner of the path. I used NavMeshAgent.warp() to make it go quicker, and slowed down how fast it jumps from node to node to make the video interesting. This system makes it very easy to adjust the nodes and rerun the bot, until the map is balanced.

I hope you find it interesting, if you want to know more, or see the actual path system being used by real units, let me know. I’ll post more soon 🙂